Sign-up & Registration Overview

You've talked with your parents and high school counselor. You've determined UNCG iSchool is the right choice for you (excellent!). You've reviewed the course listings and checked out the course descriptions. Now, it's time to take the next step and sign-up for the program.

Completing the sign-up process and registering for classes can be accomplished in a few short, easy steps.

  1. Complete the Student Information Form (SIF).
    You must accurately fill out a SIF each semester.
  2. Receive your registration information from
    Your 9-digit Student User ID (or University ID) and registration instructions will be sent by email shortly after you submit the SIF. Save this information.
  3. Create your PIN. After receiving your registration information, go to and follow the instructions. You will need your University ID# from Step 2.
  4. Set up your UNCG computer accounts. These will include your UNCG email and online course accounts.

Now you can register for iSchool classes!

  1. Click here to enter UNCG's registration system–UNCGenie.
    You can also access it by clicking on the UNCGenie icon in the blue bar at the top of every page.
  3. Enter your Student User ID (Univ ID) and PIN; then click LOGIN.
  7. Select TERM from the drop-down box and SUBMIT.
  8. Enter ADVISING CODE if prompted and SUBMIT.
  9. Enter the CRN (Course Registration Number) for each UNCG iSchool course your counselor has approved (be sure to click SUBMIT).

Fall 2014 Courses

BIO 105: Major Concepts of Biology

CRN 87108

ECO 100: Economics of a Global Sustainable Society

CRN 88320

GEO 103: Introduction to Earth Science

CRN 88321

KIN 220: Physical Fitness for Life

CRN 87111

MTD 241: Music Appreciation

CRN 88959

PHI 121: Contemporary Moral Problems

CRN 88323

PSC 100: American Politics

CRN 88324

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

CRN 88488

Fall 2014
Important Dates

Registration Window

May 7–August 27

Last day to submit a Fall SIF1

Monday, August 25

Last day to register

Wednesday, August 27

UNCG iSchool student orientation2

September 2 – 4

iSchool instruction starts

Tuesday, September 2

Last day to withdraw without UNCG academic penalty

Thursday, October 23

iSchool instruction ends

Wednesday, December 10

Final exam period3

December 11–16

Summer 2014 Courses

GEO 103: Introduction to Earth Science

CRN 51862

KIN 220: Physical Fitness for Life

CRN 51863

Summer 2014
Important Dates

Registration Window

April 1–May 6

Last day to submit a Summer SIF1

Monday, May 5

Last day to register

Tuesday, May 6

UNCG iSchool student orientation2

Monday, June 23

iSchool instruction starts

Monday, June 23

Last day to withdraw without UNCG academic penalty

Tuesday, July 15

iSchool instruction ends

Monday, August 4

Final exam period

Tuesday, August 15

1New and returning students must complete a SIF each semester.
2Orientation is completed online in 2–3 hours. Students will not gain full access to their course until Orientation is successfully completed.
3Your instructor will indicate the specific final exam date within his/her course calendar.
Note: Final grades are posted 48 hours following the final exam period.